ROI & Game Selection App

We've focused so much of our content to date on around roster construction. While this concept is at the core of DFS strategy, the experienced DFS player knows that the game selection and bankroll management is just as important. Our ROI & Game Selection App was created to help you track your ROI to aid in bankroll management and provide an analysis of which contests your playing most profitably. IMPORTANT: Your .csv uploads will remain private, they won't be saved to the app in any way.

App interface
  1. Site input: Select site scoring scheme to compare players over. DraftKings or FanDuel only, can't select multiple.
  2. Contest history uploader: Upload your DraftKings or FanDuel contest history .csv file. The app is very particular in terms of the .csv file that it reads in; you must not edit your playing history file, simply download directly from DraftKings or FanDuel, and upload the downloaded .csv file.
  3. Sports input: Select the sports that you would like to filter on. If there are any selected sports that aren't in your contest history, these sports will be omitted in the outputs.
  4. Rolling window input: The rolling window tabs (9-10) will show a rolling average of your ROI. In this input, set the size of the rolling average window. The default is set to 30 days, showing at each date your ROI over roughly the past month.
  5. Contest cuts input: This input allows you to select the cuts for which you can view your ROI. This input is defaulted to show cuts by contest size (H2H, 3-10, 11-100, 101-1000, and 1001+ opponents), contest entry fee ($0-5, $5-10, $11-100, $101-1000, and $1001+), contest type (cash games and GPPs), contest days (weekdays and weekends), and a custom filter (6).
  6. Custom contest filter: This input allows you to create a custom filter. Type in a word that appears in the contest title that you want to filter on, and the Contest Cut ROI tab (11) will display your ROI for contests which names contain the filter input and for contests which names donnot contain the filter input. For example, if you were curious to know you ROI in single-game "showdown" contests, you could type "Showdown" in this input and view your ROI for "Custom Filter: Showdown" and "Custom Filter: Not Showdown". Keep in mind that this filter is case-, spelling-, and punctuation-sensitive.
  7. Total ROI line graph: Output showing your total, to-date ROI and net winnings over time.
  8. By-Sport ROI line graph: Output showing your by-sport, to-date ROI and net winnings over time.
  9. Total Rolling ROI line graph: Output showing your total, n-day rolling ROI and net winnings over time.
  10. By-Sport Rolling ROI line graph: Output showing your by-sport, n-day rolling ROI and net winnings over time.
  11. Contest Cuts ROI bar graph: Output showing your ROI and net winnings by specified contest cuts.
  12. H2H Opponents table: Table showing your H2H performance vs. all your historical opponents. This tool can be useful when trying to avoid contests against skilled players and enter contests against weaker players.