NFL Correlation

Correlation in the League by Position Depth

On the right, you'll see a graphic that shows the correlation between players of different positional depths throughout the league. The depth of each position was assigned according to descending fantasy points on a weekly basis.

For example, if a running back scored highest on his team in week one, he would be the RB1 for the purposes of the correlation calculation on that week. If he scores the second most points among his position on his team in week 2, then he is assigned the RB2 distiction for the calculation of the correlation in that week.

Correlation in the League by Position Depth for High Scoring Games

Similar to the graphic above, we show how different positions are correlated with one another. However, this matrix only uses the teams that scored more than 34 points (a top 10% outcome) to perform the correlation calculations.

For team-wise breakdowns, click one of the images below.

By Position Depth

By Players