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Denver @ Charlotte (O/U 219.5, CHA -2)
Indiana @ Toronto (O/U 204, TOR -6.5)
Orlando @ Boston (O/U 217.5, BOS -10.5)
Philadelphia @ Cleveland (O/U 217.5, CLE -10.5)
Detroit @ Milwaukee (O/U 198, MIL -10)
San Antonio @ Oklahoma City (O/U 209, SA -2)
Dallas @ Memphis (O/U 191.5, MEM -4)
New York @ Miami (O/U 208, MIA -9.5)
Sacramento @ New Orleans (O/U 210.5, NO -10.5)
Washington @ Utah (O/U 206.5, UTA -3.5)
Houston @ Golden State (O/U 230, GS -9)

Point Guard

Russell Westbrook ($12,900, 103.5 IP, OKC +2) - It's not the greatest matchup for Westbrook, who has more upside in higher-scoring games in which the Thunder are expected winners.  But Westbrook has proven to be matchup-proof in the past, so I'm not overly concerned about his production.

The other elite fantasy player tonight, James Harden, also draws a tough matchup.  I'm lower on Harden than Westbrook, as the Rockets spread (HOU +9) is larger than the Thunder's, and Harden has also been cold as of late, being bothered by a minor wrist injury.  He has failed to reach 50 DKP in two of his last three.

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($9,300, 104 IP, MIL -10) - Antetokounmpo's price is down from his recent norm, which has been closer to $10K.  His price tonight is quite good.

The Greek Freak has plenty of upside, as long as the Bucks' top 100 points, and his DKP curve increases monotonically as the Bucks' margin of victory increases.  At MIL -10, I think Giannis has great upside tonight at a very affordable price.

Kyrie Irving ($8,200, 114 IP, CLE -10.5) - Tonight's matchup against Philadelphia is ideal for Irving, whose production tends to peak between 115 and 120 Cavs' points and in 10-15 point wins.

$8.2K isn't a bargain for Irving, but it is not an unreasonable price, especially given such a great matchup.

Goran Dragic ($7,400, 108.75 IP, MIA -9.5) - Like Irving, Dragic also has a great matchup from an implied points and spread standpoint.

And like Irving, Dragic's price falls in the camp of not a bargain, but not unreasonable.

Jrue Holiday ($6,700, 110.5 IP, NO -10.5) - Holiday is yet another mid-tier PG option that benefits from pre-game indicators.  NO -10.5 should bode well for Holiday.

Holiday also is a well-priced but not bargain-priced PG, and I personally think of the 3 players mentioned in this section, he has the most competitive price relative to his norm.

Marcus Smart ($4,900, 114 IP, BOS -10.5) - At $4.9K Smart isn't a true sleeper.  He is a well-known commodity at this point.  But his price is pretty good tonight.

And I think his ceiling is higher than usual tonight, as Smart is one of the few Celtics (Jae Crowder being the other) whose production is significantly higher as the team's point total and margin of victory increases.

Shelvin Mack ($3,900, 105 IP, UTA -3.5) - With George Hill injured, Datne Exum will get the start at PG tonight for Utah.  But I think Mack is the real beneficiary from Hill's injury, as he has a huge -0.64 DKP correlation with Hill.
With Hill out on Wednesday, Exum put up only 5.75 fantasy points as the starter, compared to Mack's 23 fantasy points off on 29 minutes off the bench.

Shooting Guard

None - As mentioned in the PG section, I'm not particularly high on James Harden tonight.  And it is hard to see huge upside for DeRozan as his fantasy production is so heavily based upon his scoring (although I said the same thing on Wednesday and he collected 6 rebounds and 8 assists).

Jrue Holiday - See PG section.  I like Holiday at SG way more, because I think there is a lot of depth at PG, not so much SG.

Marcus Smart -  See PG section.  The same that applies to Holiday applies to Smart.

Small Forward

LeBron James ($10,000, 114 IP, CLE -10.5) - LeBron's production relative to the spread and Cav's point total is essentially parallel to that of Kyrie Irving.  And I think LeBron is at a very good price tonight given such a good matchup.
Irving/James is a stack worth considering as the do have some positive correlation (+0.19).

Giannis Antetokounmpo - See PG section.

Gordon Hayward ($7,400, 105 IP, UTA -3.5) - I'm not super high on Hayward, it is just that there were no other mid-tier SF options I liked more.  $7.4K is a pretty good price for Hayward.

And he draws a favorable matchup from an implied point and spread standpoint.

Power Forward

DeMarcus Cousins ($9,600, 110.5 IP, NO -10.5) - Cousins came back from a 2-game absence due to injury in a big way on Wednesday, tallying 61.5 fantasy points.  Surprisingly, his price didn't go up at all.  I like Cousins tonight, as he typically does well in games that his team wins, and his production increases significantly as his team's point total increases.

James Johnson ($6,500, 108.75 IP, MIA -9.5) - If Miami is able to cover the spread and reach or top their implied point total, I think Johnson has very good upside.

Kenneth Faried ($4,200, 108.75 IP, DEN +2) - There were no low-budget power forwards that jumped out at me due to injury.  Faried's minutes have been a little spotty since his return from injury, but he has topped 25 DKP in three of his seven games since returning, including a 29-DKP-on-18-minute night on Tuesday.  He also should have an increased role due to recent reports that Darrell Arther (questionable) will be held out of play tonight.


DeMarcus Cousins - See PF section.

Rudy Gobert ($8,200, 105 IP, UTA -3.5) - I was pessimistically optimistic on Gobert on Wednesday (mostly due to a high price), and he failed to reach 40 DKP for the first time in two weeks (in part due to a 30-point Jazz blowout).  Well, his price has dropped $400, and he has just as good a matchup.  So I'm back on the Gobert bandwagon for tonight.  An unimposing Washington frontline should allow Gobert to feast, and the Wizard's up-tempo style should mean plenty of block and rebound opportunities for the big man.

James Johnson - See PF section.

Greg Monroe ($5,300, 104 IP, MIL -10) - Monroe has steeply increasing production as the Bucks' point total rises, and although 104 implied points is a little low to be super optimistic about Monroe, MIL -10 might be enough to warrant his consideration if you aren't planning to spend on one of the top-priced centers.

Dewayne Dedmon ($3,400, 105.5 IP, SA -2) - There is very little to go off of for projecting a good night for Dedmon.  Every once in awhile he just has a good night.  At $3.4K he does have 25+ DKP potential, and might not be a bad option if you're looking for a low-budget roster filler at center/utility.