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Milwaukee @ Charlotte (O/U 201, CHA -3.5)
Minnesota @ Indiana (O/U 208, IND -4.5)
Phoenix @ Atlanta (O/U 219, ATL -7.5)
Miami @ Detroit (O/U 202, MIA -2.5)
Philadelphia @ Brooklyn (O/U 222, BKN -3)
Golden State @ Houston (O/U 233, HOU -1.5)
Denver @ Portland (O/U 225.5, POR -2)
Washington @ LA Lakers (O/U 226.5, WAS -9.5)

I'm not sure why, but tonight DraftKings is only allowing players in the late games (DEN @ POR, WAS @ LAL) to be drafted in late tournaments, so today's column will only highlight players from the early slate of games.

Point Guard

James Harden ($12,300, 117.25 IP, HOU -1.5) - The usual.  Antentokounmpo draws a tough matchup against Charlotte, making Harden the de facto stud at PG tonight.

Tyler Johnson ($5,800, 102.25 IP, MIA -2.5) - With the injury to Dion Waiters, Johnson has been a guy who has seen his minutes climb a little.  He has topped 30 minutes in 3 of the last 5 games, dating back to when Waiters was first injured.  In that stretch, he has topped 30 DKP three times.

Dennis Schroder ($7,800, 113.25 IP, ATL -7.5) - Atlanta has a great matchup against Phoenix tonight.  The two players who stand to benefit the most from an expected high-scoring, and not that competitive game are Shcroder and Dwight Howard (see C section).

Paul Millsap doesn't really have a strong negative correlation with anyone, so it is hard to predict an outbreak from any player on account of his injury.  I will say, between Howard and Schroder, Howard has a little better price, as Schroder is never priced this high.

I think if you are going to play Atlanta's matchup, Howard might make a little more sense (or even Tim Hardaway Jr.), but I do think Schroder has some tantalizing upside, even if it means potentially overspending on him.

Kris Dunn ($3,300, 101.75 IP, MIN +4.5) - Dunn has been averaging just under 30 minutes per game in his last 3, and it has led to good production for him, as he is averaging over 24 DKP in that stretch and over 30 DKP in his last two.  Tonight's matchup isn't ideal, but a guy with 30-minute potential at only $3.3K is a steal.

Isaiah Whitehead ($3,500, 112.5 IP, BKN -3) - Whitehead figures to be a lock to top 20 minutes, and with a favorable matchup and his ability to produce from both offense and defense I think he has the potential to be a nice value play at a near-minimum price.

Shooting Guard

James Harden - See PG section.

Josh Richardson ($5,200, 102.25 IP, MIA -2.5) - Similarly to Tyler Johnson, Josh Richardson figures to benefit from the absence of Dion Waiters.  Richardson (-0.28 DKP correlation) has the strongest negative correlation with Waiters among active Heat players, with Johnson not far behind at -0.25.

Small Forward

Paul George ($8,400, 106.25 IP, IND -4.5) - I love PG13 tonight.  He draws a pretty strong matchup against Minnesota; George typically takes advantage of weaker opponents, and figures to reach a pretty good level if the Pacers can approach 110 points and cover the spread.

George also has a huge negative correlation with Glenn Robinson III (-0.56), who out for tonight's matchup.

I think George is a great option at either SF or PF tonight.

Robert Covington ($6,800, 109.25 IP, PHI +3) - With Jahlil Okafor injured, Richaun Holmes figures to be a trendy pick.  But I just haven't had great luck with Holmes, and he is such a hot-and-cold guy that spending $6.4K on him feels a little risky.  Dario Saric is another guy who figures to benefit from Okafor's absence, but at $7.7K he feels a bit pricey.  In my opinion, Covington is the perfect balance of good price, high floor, and upside.  He also is very stable against the spread (which Saric is not), so if Philadelphia fails to cover he has a little more security.

And he has just as much upside relative to rising point totals as Saric, but for $900 less.

Josh Richardson - See SG section.

Power Forward

Paul George - See SF section.

Robert Covington - See SF section.


Hassan Whiteside ($8,200, 102.25 IP, MIA -2.5) - I'm not that high on KAT tonight, as he has some risk if the Timberwolves fail to cover their already modest +4.5 spread.

And $10.1K isn't a particularly good price for KAT, even if the matchup was better.

So I'm going to go with Whiteside in this section, who is actually very productive when the Heat score around 100 points, and is at a pretty good price compared to his normal cost.

Dwight Howard ($7,600, 113.25 IP, ATL -7.5) - See PG section on Dennis Schroder.  Howard is a good guy to own when the Hawks are modest-to-heavy favorites and when they are expected to put up big numbers.  And although $7.6K isn't a bargain for Howard, it feels a little more reasonable than Schroder's price tag.

Brook Lopez ($6,900, 112.5 IP, BKN -3) - It's rare that we can actually expect Brooklyn to win a game, but tonight offers as good an opportunity as any.  With the Nets as pre-game favorites and with a pretty high implied point total, Lopez could be a good option if Howard's price tag is a little too hefty.

Shawn Long (4,200, 109.25 IP, PHI +3) - If you're looking for an alternative to Richaun Holmes, consider Long.  He has topped 30 DKP in back-to-back games, and has done so on 19 and 23 minutes.  If he can get close to or over 25 minutes he could have some very nice value as a low-budget center.