Oklahoma City @ Charlotte (O/U 209, Cha -2)

Russell Westbrook should be a solid play, and is consistently worth about 5 DKP/$1K, but due to his high price is unlikely to eclipse a value of 8 DKP/$1K.  Westbrook's production has a pretty linear relationship with the Thunder's real point total, so as the Thunder's expected point total climbs you should expect Westbrook's production to do the same.  Andre Roberson or Victor Oladipo could make for nice pairs with Westbrook, as both tend to have increasing production as the Thunder score more points (particularly Oladipo if the Thunder approach 120), and both have positive correlations with Westbrook's scoring (Roberson & Westbrook 0.42, Oladipo & Westbrook 0.22).  Kemba Walker appears to be a safe play, but like Westbrook has limited upside from a value perspective.  Walker and Nicolas Batum's production display marginal increases as the Hornets score more point in the 100-110 range, and both don't show much of an increase as the Hornets approach 120 points.

Atlanta @ Orlando (O/U 208, Atl -2.5)

A number of the Hawks players experience moderately increasing production as the team scores more points in the 95-115 range (Schroeder, Bazermore, Millsap, Korver, Sefalosha, Hardaway Jr.).  In the 100-115 point range, Paul Millsap is usually more productive than Dwight Howard, but Howard is usually more productive than Millsap in lower scoring games.  None of the Hawks players display crazy good upside from a value perspective.  Although he doesn't have huge value upside, DrafKings frequently undervalues Howard, but he does have a bit of a tendency to have the occasional stinker.  Elfrid Payton has high upside, but is most likely to achieve a high point in a game in which the Magic approach 120 points.  In games where Orlando scores closer to 100 (or below 100), Nikola Vucevic, Serge Ibaka, and even Evan Fournier in particularly low-scoring games are generally more productive than Payton.  But since Vucevic and Payton come off the bench, both can be risky plays, but potentially rewarding in their value.

Milwaukee @ New York (O/U 212, Mil -2.5)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a predictably strong play, but his production is pretty stable through the Bucks' 95-115 scoring range.  Which makes him a safe play in that his production isn't effected by moderately low-scoring games, but limits his upside in moderately high-scoring games.  Guys like Jabari Parker, Greg Monroe, and Malcom Brogdon are candidates for strong value plays if the Bucks can approach 120 points.  Brogdon in particular has a very nice distribution of DKP/$1K, and has the potential to be a high value play if the Bucks score a ton of points.  Add in injuries to Dellavedova and Middleton, and I really like Brogdon tonight.

With Kristaps Porzingis listed as doubtful for tonight, I like guys like Derrick Rose, Courtney Lee, and Joakim Noah to step up and be more productive, Noah and Lee in particularly being particularly valuable (although with higher risk than Rose).  Although Porzingis is unlikely to play, I don't love Anthony's value, as he is frequently overvalued by DraftKings and presents limited upside.

Chicago @ Cleveland (O/U 204.5, Cle -5.5)

I'd probably avoid Lebron James tonight, as he is listed as questionable, and his production isn't usually that much better than Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving (both of whom are also questionable for tonight's game) in games where the Cavs score around 100 points.  Given the James' and Love's illness and Irving's hamstring injury, along with the fairly likely event that the Cavs grab a early lead, I think Iman Shumpert has some upside, but as his distribution suggests, he frequently is worth fewer than 5 DKP/$1K salary, which isn't a great sign.

In the event of a Clevelan blowout, Doug McDermott could make for an interesting play off of Chicago's bench, as he is usually the de facto bench player in losing efforts, and is generally more productive in low-scoring games.  Jimmy Butler is a nice player who is a pretty safe play, but also has some nice value upside, and his best performances generally come in the 100-110 Bulls' scoring range.

Portland @ Golden State (O/U 223.5, GS -15.5)

In a game that is expected to be both high-scoring and heavily favored towards the Warriors, I really like the potential value of Ian Clark.  In games in which the Warriors blow out their opponents, Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingtson receive diminishing minutes as the Warriors lead increases (Iguodala's minutes decrease at a very steep rate).  However, Clark's minutes remain more constant through Warriors blowout victories.  Additionally, Clark's fantasy production displays one of the steepest increases among Warriors players as the team's point total eclipses 120.  In games that the Warriors score more than 130, Clark can actually be expected to be more productive than Iguodala.

I'd probably avoid C.J. McCollum and Damian Lillard for fear of the game being a blowout.  But if you want to play one of Portland's guards (the game is expected to be very high-scoring), Lilliard's minutes are a little more resistant to lopsided games than McCollum's, and the gap between their production widens (in Lillard's favor) as Portland's point total approaches 120.

Miami @ Sacramento (O/U 202, Sac -8.5)

With Miami's lineup continuing injury problems, Goran Dragic would figure to be a strong play tonight.  His minutes are also more immune to lopsided games than most star players, meaning that there shouldn't be too much of a concern in him losing minutes if Sacramento grabs an early and significant lead.  Hassan Whiteside would figure to be a productive play.  I promoted Rodney McGruder last night, and he was a little underwhelming, but again with injuries aplenty for Miami, I think he could be a decent value play.  DeMarcus Cousins is again a strong and consistent play.  Rudy Gay has a little more value upside than Cousins, but if the game is a blowout, his minutes will probably drop off more than Cousins'.

Memphis @ LA Clippers (O/U 199, Mem -1)

With Chris Paul again doubtful to play, the Clippers' backcourt becomes increasingly interesting.  In terms of most upside, I would rank the backcourt Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, J.J. Reddick in terms of most value upside, but conversely the highest risk.  Raymond Felton doesn't intrigue me much, as his high-value games are few and far between, and he is consistently worth fewer than 5 DKP/$1K.

DeAndre Jordan is usually a pretty safe play, and his production isn't overly influenced by the Clippers' point total.  The Grizzlies remain one of the least-varying teams in terms of production.  None of their key players show a ton of variance in fantasy production relative to the Grizzlies' point total.

Between Mike Conley and Marc Gasol, Conley has a little more value upside, but Gasol is probably a safer value play.  But neither has crazy high value upside.