Indiana @ Denver (O/U 225, Ind -4)

Jeff Teague has a nice bi-modal distribution, with the second mode centering around 6 DKP/$1K.   

If you're looking for a consistent play, there are few players more solid the Paul George, who is almost certain to score around 5 DKP/$1K, but has very little upside.  If the game becomes high-scoring, Myles Turner stands to benefit, as his value and production tends to take off as the Pacers top 110 points.  Nikola Jokic and Wilson Chandler are two Nuggets' players whose production and value tends to take off as the Nuggets' top 100 points, and stand to benefit if Kenneth Faried can't go.  Jokic is listed as probable due to illness, so pay close attention to his status, as there is a chance he might play but with limited minutes.

New Orleans @ Brooklyn (216.5, NO -5)

I'd be a little hesitant to play Anthony Davis tonight, as he is listed as questionable with a hip injury, and as I have explained before, his high risk doesn't seem to match his low upside given he is consistently one of the more expensive players.  If New Orleans can blow out Brooklyn in London this afternoon, I really like Langston Galloway off the bench, who tends to have high value in Pelicans' blowout wins.  His distribution below suggests that there is a significant amount of risk in Galloway, whose value distribution centers around 3.5 DKP/$1K, but his distribution has a very long and substantial right tail that suggests he has some really nice upside.

If Davis can't go, I like Buddy Hield a little more, as he has a nice distribution and has been playing a more significant role with the Pelicans as of late.  Dante Cunningham also has a nice right-tailed value distribution and could stand to benefit if Davis is indeed held out (or limited).  On the Brooklyn side, pay attention to Davis' status, as Brook Lopez upside could rise if Davis is sidelined.  There are a few Nets' players with decent upside as per their distribution; Sean Kilpatrick and Bogdan Bogdanovic are the two that jump out to me.

Chicago @ New York (O/U 204.5, NY -3)

I don't love any of the Knicks players for this expected low-scoring matchup and on the back end of back-to-back.  I think Courtney Lee or Derrick Rose could be decent value plays, as they tend to have their highest value in the scoring range of 95-105, which seems like a good bet given the Knicks' implied total of 103.75.  Lee's peak value also occurs in games which spread centers around -6.  Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler would appear to be solid plays tonight.  Both have good value in the 95-110 point range.  Wade tends to be more valuable in close games in which the Bulls lose, while Butler tends to be a little more valuable in close games in which the Bulls win.

LA Lakers @ San Antonio (O/U 210.5, SA -14.5)

Although this game is expected to be a blowout, I wouldn't shy away from some of San Antonio's star players.  LaMarcus Aldridge, Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Parker all have increasing value as the Spurs' margin of victory approaches 20 points.  Aldridge and Parker also tend to have very high value as the Spurs' point total approaches 120 points.  The same can't be said for Leonard, whose value doesn't really take off until the Spurs eclipse 120 points and approach 130 points, which is a hard scenario to accurately predict.  Aldridge and Parker also have a +0.33 correlation, making them a potentially strong pair.  Patty Mills is a guy who could be worth a flyer.  His DKP/$1K distribution isn't great, as it centers around 3 DKP/$1K, but he does have some value upside, and shows a tendency to have good value if the Spurs' can win by 15 or more points.  If the Spurs do indeed blow out Los Angeles, there are few Lakers who figure to be strong plays.  Brandon Ingram (who has been hot as of late) and Nick Young are the Lakers who figure to be most valuable in a Los Angeles spread between 0 and +20.

Dallas @ Phoenix (O/U 201.5, Even)

I don't love any of the Suns' players, as many of them are generally low-value in low-scoring games.  If I had to pick a couple of players, Tyson Chandler and Eric Bledsoe tend to have high value in close scoring games.  Bledsoe has shown a tendency to have high value in extremely low-scoring games (i.e. less than 90 points), but doesn't have great value around 100 points.  On the Dallas side, I think Wes Matthews or Harrison Barnes are the most logical plays.  I usually like Deron Williams, but his production and value tend to be highest in high-scoring Dallas blowouts.  Based on the pre-game line and over/under that scenario doesn't seem terribly likely.  Matthews and Barnes are better suited for lower-scoring close games.

Detroit @ Golden State (O/U 218.5, GS -12.5)

Let's consider the scenario of a high-scoring Golden State blowout.  Many of Detroit's players lose value as the team's margin of defeat increases.  If there is one guy whose production seems fairly immune to the Pistons' margin of defeat it is John Leuer.  His value also tends to increase as the Pistons' point total increases, which makes him a fairly attractive play given the relatively high over/under for tonight's game.  In the event of a high-scoring and fairly lopsided game, I like the potential upside of Zaza Pachulia, who seems to have nice value in Warriors' blowouts, and whose peak value tends to occur in games which the Warriors' point total centers around 120 points.  Among the Warriors' star players (Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson), Green and Curry show stability across a wide range of point spreads, Durant tends to be less valuable and productive in Warriors blowout victories, and Thompson tends to have good value in such games.

Ian Clark shows value upside if the Warriors win by more than 30 points, but such an outcome is hard to predict, and his value tends to be very low in wins that range between 0 and 20 points in margin.  Because of this I think I would stay away from Clark.