Sacramento @ Indiana (O/U 211, Ind -4)
Orlando @ Boston (O/U 214, Bos -9)
Brooklyn @ Cleveland (O/U 225, Cle -15)
Charlotte @ New York (O/U 212, Even)
Milwaukee @ Toronto (O/U 213.5, Tor -4)
Washington @ Atlanta (O/U 212.5, Atl -4)
Miami @ Chicago (O/U 204.5, Chi -6)
Houston @ Philadelphia (O/U 219.5, Hou -8)
San Antonio @ New Orleans (O/U 209.5, SA -6)
Memphis @ Portland (207.5, Mem -1)

Point Guard

James Harden ($12,600)/Giannis Antetokounmpo ($10,000) - Both are perennial fantasy studs, there's no strong reason to expect anything less from these two.  Giannis at $10,000 feels a little more reasonable than Harden at $12,600 in my opinion.

Kyrie Irving ($8,300) - Kyrie tends to be his most productive when the Cavs score between 100-120 points (120 implied points tonight) and win by double digits (-15 line).  $8,300 is a bit on the high side for Irving, but I like his upside tonight.

Also, see Kevin Love below.

Goran Dragic ($12,600) - The matchup isn't great for Dragic whose production drops off pretty steeply when the Heat score fewer than 100 points (99.75 implied points tonight).  But I still have some confidence in him on account of injuries to Winslow, T. Johnson, and Richardson (correlations -0.03, -0.23, -0.57 respectively), which should help his production.

Sean Kilpatrick ($4,400) - If Cleveland wins huge, expect Kilpatrick to get a bulk of trash minutes, in which he has been pretty productive in the past.  His production tends to take as the Nets top 110, and he does have some 30+ DKP potential.

Shooting Guard

James Harden ($12,600) - See PG section.

Norman Powell ($4,600) - Powell has been a rewarding play this week in the absence of DeMar DeRozan.  DeRozan is listed as a game time decision tonight, but rotowire is expecting Powell to start again.  If DeRozan is sidelined tonight, I think Powell could be a good value play yet again.

Small Forward

Giannis Antetokounmpo ($10,000) - See PG section.  LeBron figures to be a strong play tonight, I'm just a little pessimistic on his upside.  His production tends to drop off more than that of Irving and Love in Cleveland victories of 20+.

Robert Covington ($5,700) - Houston vs. Philadelphia figures to be one of the higher-scoring games tonight.  Covington (among other Philly players, see Saric and Embiid below) has some good potential upside when the Sixers top 100, which seems like a decent bet given their implied point total of 105.75.

Additionally, Covington has the best production stability in losses among Philadelphia's key players.

Dario Saric ($4,200) - See Covington above.  Saric could have some good upside if tonight's Sixers-Rockets game becomes a shootout.  Saric would benefit from the game being closer than anticipated, the Sixers open as 8-point underdogs.

Power Forward

Kevin Love ($8,100) - Love has put up back-to-back 50+ DKP nights.  I think he has another productive night tonight if the game becomes a high-scoring blowout, which seems pretty likely.

Paul Millsap ($7,400) - $7,400 is a good price for Millsap, and I think he should be a solid play tonight as his production tends to be highest when the Hawks score around 110 points.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson ($3,900) - Hollis-Jefferson could be a cheap value play if the Cavs win huge tonight (like 20-point victory huge).  He is a bit of a gamble, as production tends to be pretty minimal if the game is within single digits.

But RHJ has shown some 30+ DKP upside, and I think if Brooklyn gets down big early, he has a chance to reach that level of production tonight.


DeMarcus Cousins ($11,000) - He's one of the top fantasy centers in the league, I have no concerns about him tonight in a game that should be relatively high-scoring and competitive.

Joel Embiid ($8,400) - See Robert Covington.  Embiid (like Covington) has great increasing production as the Sixers' point total increases.  Given the high over/under and the Rockets' recent struggles that feels like a good scenario to try to capitalize on.  Embiid is listed as a game time decision, but early reports suggest that he will play for the first time in a week.

Al Horford ($7,000) - There aren't any guys at center that stand out to me as being clear value plays tonight.  Horford's price is about on par with his norm, and he could benefit from the absence of Avery Bradley, who he has a moderate to strong negative correlation with (-0.32).

If playing Horford, consider pairing with Jae Crowder (+0.62 correlation).

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