Welcome back to the Advanced Sports Analytics Tout Rankings. Today we are ranking the Tout performance for Week 8 of the NFL season. As a reminder, we rank 6 sites, numberfire.com, swishanalytics.com, fantasylabs.com, fantasyinsiders.com, fantasyalarm.com, and 4for4.com. The rankings for this week are as follows:

4for4 fantasyalarm fantasyinsiders numberfire swishanalytics
MSE 43.374 47.618 41.457 41.264 39.673
MAE 4.777 5.114 4.318 4.397 4.412
ME -0.233 -1.058 -2.112 -1.919 -0.730
RS 0.765 0.733 0.710 0.697 0.708

This week we had some weird results with the overall mean error. Most of the Touts underrated the total number of fantasy points that would be scored this week, leading to some really negative ME scores. On the other hand, while most projections were consistently low, they did not stray very far from the actual scores. This resulted in very consistent MSE and MAE across the board, and very high RS. It seems clear that 4for4 ran away with the best projections this week, leading in the two most important categories, ME and RS. They were also in the mix in both of the other statistics, resulting in an easy selection.

We are temporarily pulling the data from fantasylabs as we are concerned about an inconsistency in the data collected this week.

4for4 fantasyalarm fantasyinsiders numberfire swishanalytics
MSE 48.008 54.037 41.696 44.351 44.597
MAE 5.157 5.501 4.363 4.401 4.668
ME 0.123 -0.383 -1.139 -1.491 -0.375
RS 0.615 0.608 0.612 0.532 0.550

There is not much change in the cumulative values from last week, as the weeks go on this chart has begun to stabilize a bit.

Our matrix of values will be up by the end of the week for subscribers.