Welcome back to the Advanced Sports Analytics Tout Rankings. Today we are ranking the Tout performance for Week 6 of the NFL season.As a reminder, we rank 6 sites, numberfire.com, swishanalytics.com, fantasylabs.com, fantasyinsiders.com, fantasyalarm.com, and 4for4.com. The rankings for this week are as follows:


4for4 fantasyalarm fantasyinsiders fantasylabs numberfire swishanalytics
MSE 49.688 59.182 42.329 61.074 37.287 42.610
MAE 5.298 5.692 4.191 5.918 3.676 4.388
ME 0.284 -0.509 -1.797 -0.174 -1.245 -0.274
RS 0.564 0.569 0.502 0.615 0.509 0.499


This week, the touts were fairly accurate in terms of mean error. Three touts were under 0.3 which means they pretty accurately understood how many total fantasy points would be scored this week. This week w also saw pretty solid R2 values from all the touts, with no one much lower than .5. This is in contrast with past weeks where we have seen many touts in the .3-.4 range. The best tout this week was probably fantasylabs again, with rock solid ME and RS. They did not have a great showing with MSE and MAE which means they made a few larger misses, but that was clearly counteracted by a solid understanding of the shape of the field this week. 4for4 and swishanalytics were about tied behind fantasylabs, with numberfire and fantasyinsiders having some pretty serious error this week. The cumulative standings looks as follows:


4for4 fantasyalarm fantasyinsiders fantasylabs numberfire swishanalytics
MSE 50.301 57.339 42.072 58.677 45.481 46.828
MAE 5.294 5.680 4.430 5.834 4.430 4.797
ME 0.116 -0.271 -0.853 0.377 -1.429 -0.368
RS 0.549 0.554 0.581 0.618 0.469 0.488


The total comes out with 4for4 and fantasyalarm looking good in terms of ME, and fantasylabs and fantasyinsiders having solid RS, something that we have seen in the past.

New this week, we will be publishing a matrix of all the projections and actual values that we have collected. This will be available to subscribers and will provide meaningful data about which specific players were projected well. This should be out by the end of the weekend. Thanks for reading, read next week for the week 7 rankings.