Welcome back to our weekly column on the Tout Rankings from the previous week of NFL action. As a reminder, we rank 6 sites, numberfire.com, swishanalytics.com, fantasylabs.com, fantasyinsiders.com, fantasyalarm.com, and 4for4.com. The rankings for this week are as follows:


4for4 fantasyalarm fantasyinsiders fantasylabs numberfire swishanalytics
MSE 54.911 58.905 48.698 70.099 43.839 49.960
MAE 5.559 5.876 4.924 6.502 4.298 5.111
ME 0.405 0.881 -0.463 0.962 -1.621 -0.024
RS 0.435 0.478 0.413 0.489 0.302 0.394

As we can see from the data, the two best touts this week seem to be fantasyinsiders and swishanalytics. The swishanalytics projections were very close to the actual ME and had low error across the board, and the fantasyinsiders projections seemed to have very few egregious errors overall. It seems that numberfire seriously underestimated the amount of fantasy points that would be scored this week, making it tough for them to be competitive.